Christian university cancels ban on gay relationships, but only without sex


An Evangelical university in California, USA, has dropped its ban on LGBT+ relationships on campus, but they insist that gay sex is still not allowed and same-sex marriages are disapproved. Azusa Pacific University (APU) changed the language used in a standard of conduct agreement, which had previously banned same-sex relationships, reports student newspaper Zu Media saying that it was an initiative of a backstreet LGBT group that met off out of the campus knowing that the university officials would not give their approval to the group’s activity.The university’s code of conduct still adheres to the view that a “sexual union is intended by God to take place only within the marriage covenant between a man and a woman.” Bill Fiala, associate dean of students at APU, told the student paper that the officials changed the language, biut the beliefs remained and homosexuality is still disapproved, so students still should not be too explicit in showing affection to ne another. As well as dropping its ban on romantic LGBT+ relationships, the university is also creating a pilot program for a safe space for queer students on campus. “We have been intentional about the program, and want it to be considered a program that comes out of student life and out of the university,” Fiala explained


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