Female hockey players from rivaling teams married one another


Meghan Duggan, 31, and Gillian Apps, 34, have faced off against each other in the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics finals, which saw Apps’ Canadian team triumph both times. It was only after Apps—who also won gold at the 2006 Games—had retired in 2015 that Duggan was finally able to get her hands on a gold medal, defeating Canada in the 2018 Winter Olympics final. They also lined up on opposite sides in numerous World Championship finals, a competition in which Duggan had the clear edge, winning seven gold medals against Apps’ three.But though they were supposed to hate one another on the ice, there was a fire of love between them, and it was impossible to control it, so now they are married. Posting photos of the happy day on Twitter, Meghan Duggan wrote that it was the most incredible day of her life and her wife added that this day means nothing but a lot of smiles for her. People were touched by the wedding, with one tweeter writing: “THE CAPTAINS OF THE US AND CANADIAN WOMENS HOCKEY TEAMS GOT MARRIED THIS IS BASICALLY WORLD PEACE.” This is how all rivalries should end!


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