Lesbian sues Social Security Administration for not receiving spousal benefits after her partner’s death


Helen Thornton, from Washington state, lodged the case with LGBT+ civil rights organisation Lambda Legal, seeking the the benefits based on her relationship with her partner of 27 years, Margery Brown, who passed away in 2006. Same-sex marriage was not legal by then, and the woman believes that denying her spousal benefits is unfair, because she would marry her partner if it was possible, the fact that she was not her spouse from the point of view of law is not her fault.In the US, couples are generally required to be married for a minimum of nine months before their husband or wife dies for the surviving partner to receive a benefit. “The federal government is requiring surviving same-sex partners like Helen to pass an impossible test to access the benefits that they’ve earned through a lifetime of work: they need to have been married to their loved ones, but they were barred from marrying by discriminatory laws then in existence,” said Lambda Legal counsel Peter Renn, who insists that Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages for incidents like this never to happen. .


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