What is demisexual?


Demisexual is a term used to define a person that can fall in love with someone only after forming a strong emotional connection. From this definition it may be c;ear that gender and being sexually attracted to someone are not the defining factors here, so demisexuality is not excluding homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality and pansexuality – whomever a person is attracted to, they can be demisexual. Where some people can be attracted to someone’s looks and demeanor right upon meeting them, demisexuals are not those who can fall in love at first sight, it is not so easy for them to have a crush on someone, but if they do, this is a connection which is very hard to break. They don’t care about an appearance and sexual feelings are not in priority. If a non-demisexual person can think ‘I want him\her\them’ and later develop a sexual desire into some bigger feeling like love, for demisexuals the things happen vice versa – they don’t feel any desire to get intimate with a person until they love them with all their hearts, sometimes it may take years.


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