Christian homeless shelter wants to have a legal permission to ban trans women


A Christian-run homeless shelter in Alaska has filed a religious freedom lawsuit, which would allow them not to accommodate trans people. The Downtown Soup Kitchen Hope Center in Anchorage has lodged the case after a trans woman complained on the shelter for not allowing her to stay there, fear for safety of other women was cited as a reason. According to the lawsuit, trans woman Jessie Doe was first refused a space in the women’s shelter, which opened in 2015, because she was allegedly drunk, which she denies.Doe then returned to the shelter the next day but was not allowed in because, the lawsuit reads, she “had not stayed the previous evening which is required by Shelter policy and because Doe sought entry at a time when the shelter was not accepting new guests.” And now the shelter faces a lawsuit from Doe, to which they replied launching a case of their own, attempting to gain permission to legally deny people like her from staying in the shelter.


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