EXTRAordinary drag queen with Down’s Syndrome brings light to people’s hearts


This is Horrora Shebang, a British drag queen with Down’s Syndrome. The performer’s out-of-drag name is Otto and he feels that he lives a superhero life – by night one way, by day another, PinkNews reports. Otto is not the only drag performer with the DS, he is now touring across the UK with the group called Drag Syndrome, the goal of which is to make the British drag scene more inclusive from the point of view of abilities. Otto likes to be on stage, to talk, to meet a lot of people. Of course, his disability makes it harder for him than for average people, this is why he created Horrora, who is a public person, sexy, sassy and a bit hilarious, and people enjoy being with her, they talk to her and she makes them smile. It makes the performer truly happy.Of course, he has haters, but he understands that those who believe that ‘the Down is down’ are actually much lower in life than he is – he rises up high above the hate.


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