Gay twin youtubers spoke about silly people they met in their life


Luc and Cooper Coyle are 20 years old, they are identical twins who reached a fame on youtube as they filmed the way they came out to their mother, who, by the way, was extremely supportive. But the thing is that there were many homophobes. One thing is when people just don’t like them because they are gay, but what is really creepy is that they are tired of explaining that the fact that they are very closely connected as any identical twins and they are both gay does not mean that they are in relationships on incest and have sex with each other. But they are still more lucky than the majority of gay boys – coming out, struggling to accept yourself, learning to deal with bullying and hate – it all was divided by two. Each of them had the other one to go through it all, to tell him ‘I know what you feel, I feel the same, you are not alone, I am here for you”. So many gay people don’t receive such a support, and they have it, so it is easier for them to hit back the silly haters.


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