Gay Zimbabwe teacher quits after coming out


A teacher at an elite boys’ school in Zimbabwe has resigned facing death threats in the wake of his coming out to students as he wanted them to be protected from bullying. In a country where gay sex remains illegal, the teacher’s announcement ignited fury from parents who are very homophobic. “I will not submit myself to a sham trial,” Hovelmeier wrote in his resignation letter, adding that people threatened to kill or harm him and his loved ones.“I have come to realize that my current position as deputy headmaster is now untenable,” he added. Videos from the event shared on social media showed several heated confrontations, with reports that “fist fights” nearly turned into a fight between parents.In an initial statement, Hovelmeier explained that he has “always been an intensely private individual” but that former students told him they had experienced “an environment of intolerance, intimidation and homophobia while they were at school.”


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