Gender-neutral bathrooms in Canada are targeted with hateful stickers


The use of anti-transgender stickers bearing the words “women don’t have penises” has spread to Canada, according to the local broadcaster CBC. Memorial University of Newfoundland, that introduced gender-neutral bathroom facilities relatively recently, has become a target of transphobes that previously terrorized the UK. The trans-inclusive toilets are now being plastered with “women don’t have penises” stickers and others that claim “transitioning worsens dysphoria.” Andrew Kenney, MUN student union’s trans rep, told CBC that gender-neutral bathrooms were introduced to make trans students feel comfortable and safe, and those stickers brought them back to the life in fear.A statement from student union president Gary Kachonoski said: “Recently we were made aware that material carrying transphobic messages has been posted on doors and walls around the St. John’s campus, including in gender-inclusive washrooms. “Memorial is committed to providing a safe, respectful environment for all members of the campus community and these messages do not align with our values”. He added that these hateful messages cannot be tolerated in any case, so the university staff already works on removing the stickers.


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