Italian court recognized a lesbian couple’s international adoption

2 moms

An Italian court has ruled that an Italian-American woman could legally adopt the biological child of her wife. The couple, who have two children conceived through artificial insemination, are each the biological parent of one child and the adoptive parent of the other. It was done without problems in the USA, but when they decided to move to Italy and tried to have their documents transferred, they faced legal challenges. Their application was initially rejected on the grounds that Italian law did not recognize same-sex adoption and the women applied to the Constitutional court for the case to be reviewed in 2014. During the course of their legal challenge, Italy passed the Cirinnà bill in 2016, which gave same-sex partners similar rights to those held by heterosexual married couples. Religious groups strongly opposed the bill, however, which stopped short of allowing same-sex adoption, even in cases where the second partner in a couple was the child’s biological parent, and only in 2017 the court recognized the right of a non-biological parent to be signed as a parent of their same-sex partner’s child. The couple’s lawyer, Claudio Pezzi, said the ruling represented “another important step in the struggle to affirm the rights of minors and homosexual couples in our country, reaffirming, among other things, the important principle of opening up our system to an international dimension.”


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