Rosie O’Donnell slams lawmaker Lindsey Graham


The comedian spoke out after the South Carolina Republican, a frequent pro-Trump mouthpiece, made a string of sexist remarks about the alleged victims of Brett Kavanaugh, who was recently appointed to the Supreme Court, though he faced several sexual assault accusations. The lesbian comedian did not leave it that way and called Graham a closeted idiot who exposed patriarchy, which she believes to be unacceptable.“Sen. Lindsey Graham – i hope ur not gay – we dont want u – with ur close minded sexist bullsh*t,” she wrote. The comments about Graham led to attacks from far-right outlets including Breitbart News, which slammed O’Donnell for ‘outing’ the politician, whio has been rumored to be gay for years but always denied these gossips. The senator was previously a strong critic of President Donald Trump, but appeared to undergo an overnight damascene conversion in mid-2017 to become one of his most fervent supporters.


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