Stephen Fry is terrified with anti-gay remarks of the Brazilian Presidential hopeful


British writer and actor Stephen Fry was shocked to hear the words of the Brazilian Presidential hopeful Jair Bolsonaro, as he said in his video posted by BuzzFeed Brasil. Fry, who is gay, met the politician in person 5 years ago, and had no doubt that he was ridiculously homophobic. “I really felt I was looking into some very dead and frightening eyes indeed.” He described that, outside of the camera view, Bolsonaro was accompanied by a group of guards that were “frightening enough.” “The speech he uses against people of color, women and the LGBTQ community in particular is genuinely terrifying and will result in more broken heads on pavement, more blood spilled, more torture, more killing, more unhappiness, less acceptance, more crying parents. That can’t be right,” the writer added. In conclusion he noted that he was not a Brazilian citizen, so he has no right to dictate them how to vote, but Brazil is a good country, too good for a President like Bolsonaro


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