Conservative columnist calls homosexuality the main problem of Catholic priests


A columnist for the conservative news website The Federalist has claimed that the main problem with Catholic priests is not that fact that many of them are abusing children. The columnist believes that it is much worse that some of the priests are gay. The column, titled “Pedophilia Isn’t The Main Problem With Catholic Priests, Homosexuality Is” was an attempt to challenge the New York Times editorial, which, in turn, called out the Pope for being not active enough in solving the problem of pedophilia among the clerics. The column’s author Maureen Mullarkey, described as a “an artist who writes on art and culture” at the bottom of the article as well as The Federalist’s “senior contributor” on her Twitter account, criticized the Times for ignoring that fact that there are priests who are latent (or not latent) homosexuals. “Homosexuality has been normalized, officially approved, ratified, and okayed,” she wrote. Central to her thesis is her belief that priests who have committed child sex abuse have not engaged in pedophilia—a term that denotes adults feeling sexual attraction towards a child—but pederasty, a term specifically denoting sexual attraction by an adult male towards a younger, often teenage, boy. Even if she specifies pedophilia towards boys, it does not mean that only boys are sexually abused by priests. And even if the priest is gay (read: attracted to men), it does not mean that he feels sexual desire to boys and abuses them. And sexually assaulting children (boys, girls – no matter) has never been normalized and okayed, assault is assault, violence is violence, cruelty is cruelty.


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