Gay teacher in China sues school that fired him for attending Pride


The teacher, who has asked to remain anonymous, claims he was fired from the school in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao after he announced a wish to attend LGBT-related event on Facebook. His lawyer Tang Xiangqian says that such a case has no precedent in China. The teacher said that the school principal told him that there might be parents who would not like the fact that their children are taught by a gay man. The teacher started a case because he hopes it can make Chinese society more accepting. Xiangqian added, this was about more than the individual case — if the teacher wins, it is going to be a win of all gay Chinese. “The main reason we filed this case is not just as a labour dispute but to make the gay community more visible to a wider group of people,” he said. “To let more people realise that they can easily be victims of discrimination.”


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