Man killed his own daughter to revenge her mother who left him for a woman


William Billingham killed his 8-year-old daughter Mylee at his home neat Walsall on January 20. He also threatened to kill the girl’s mother Tracey, holding a knife at her neck. The woman previously decided to end relationships with a father of her daughter to be with a woman. And that is why jealousy is believed to be the key motive of the crime.He was given a concurrent two-year sentence after 80 minutes of jury deliberation on the case. The girl’s mother testified that she was picking up Mylee from Billingham’s home and was waiting near the front doorstep when he threatened to kill her with a knife.“I started running backwards, away from the house … I slipped,” she said.The woman heard her baby girl weeping and begging her parents to stop it. Billingham walked towards the child and dragged her back inside, shutting the front door. When the police arrived and entered the property, the girl already died of a stab wound. The man, who is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison, denied murder but claimed manslaughter due to depression. He refused to give evidence during the trial and claimed he did not remember killing his daughter


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