Republican lawmaker says Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street are made gay to steal straight people’s kids


Gordon Klingenschmitt, who served in the Colorado House of Representatives from 2015 until 2017, said in a recent video for his show Pray in Jesus’ Name that gay people try to take children from straight couples to sexually abuse them and as a consequence to make them gay. Now, as the Sesame Street creator Mark Saltzman confessed that there were two puppets inspired by himself and his male partner (though he clarified later that it did not mean that the characters themselves were gay and the connection between them was something other than friendship. And the show representatives also stated that these characters are not humans, and though they have a number of human features, sexuality is not one of them, it is a child show, many of the watchers are too young to understand it. It does not mean that children don’t deserve to know that there are some people who are gay, but it is impossible to explain sexually-related issues to toddlers, so Bert and Ernie are BFF, get over it!), the lawmaker expressed an opinion that the characters were created deliberately to make more little watchers gay, or how he called it, “recruit children into his perverse lifestyle”, accusing Saltzman of being a demon-possessed person who targets children for potential sexual pleasure .


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