Transgender software engineer accuses Nike of discrimination


Jazz Lyles, who identifies as “transmasculine/non-binary” and uses prefers to use gender-neutral pronouns, filed a legal complaint o the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries on September 25, claiming that their potential employers from Nike failed to create a respectful working environment for them. Lyles was hired as a contractor to work in the company’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Ahead of the start date of May 1, 2017, Lyles communicated their pronoun preference through their recruiter—but, they allege in the complaint, Nike employees and other contractors continued to address them with ‘she\her’ pronouns. “They talked a great game on LGBTQ issues,” Lyles said, “but when you ask them to actually stand up for these issues, it gets communicated to you that you are the problem.” Nike is yet to respond to the complaint.


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