Kenyan lesbian film breaks all records despite being banned in its own country


Lesbian film Rafiki has shattered box office records in Kenya – after a government ban was lifted for one week only. The film director sued the government for banning her movie and citing ‘promoting non-traditional relationships’ as a reason. Homosexuality is illegal in Kenya, but the director had ambitions for Oscar, and to qualify the film for the award she needed to get the ban lifted. As a compromise she was given a week to do so, and then the movie will be banned again. But it seems that one week is already enough for the movie to become a box office hit. From the first night of the film’s release on September 23, cinemas in Nairobi were surprised by an influx of fans, who queued around the block to snap up tickets and get a chance to see Rafiki. Extra screenings were rapidly added and promoted by the film’s accounts on social media, as cinemas struggled to keep up with demand. The film smashed has through box office records in the country, becoming the second highest-grossing Kenyan film of all time – despite the one week of screenings being restricted to 18+ category


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