Strictly Come Dancing had a same-sex dance routine and it was hot


The BBC reality dance show has been facing a mass backlash for refusing to feature same-sex dancing couples though they are not new for the classic ballroom scene already. So, as a compromise they represented same-sex dancing in the professional dance segment during one of the latest episodes. The Cabaret-inspired routine, set to Imagine Dragons track “Believer,” saw the show’s full cast of professionals that divided into same-sex pairs. Pasha Kovalev and AJ Pritchard paired up for the routine, while Karen Clifton partnered with Katya Jones. The crowd reacted very warmly and the social media audience has gone wild. Of course, there were homophobic trolls and haters, but in general the reaction was positive. The “amazing” routine was praised by fans, while some found it “sexy as hell.” Others called for the BBC to make same-sex dancing a more permanent feature.


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