Transgender man’s child can officially become the first one with no legal mother


n a landmark case for transgender rights, England and Wales’ most senior Family Court judge is set to decide whether the single parent who gave birth to a child can be legally defined as a father if from the legal point of view he was already recognized as a man when he gave birth. The unidentified trans man began his legal battle earlier this year, after he had given birth to the child and refused to be signed as mother in the child’s birth certificate, but the registry office refused to issue the birth certificate otherwise.In response, he launched a human rights case in order to be listed as the child’s father, stating that being registered as his child’s mother infringes on his right to respect for his private and family life.At the time, the head of the trans man’s legal team, barrister Hannah Markham QC, said the law was “no longer compatible” with modern society when gender expression is a wide spectrum. “It is an accepted fact that a female who transitions to male may in law maintain the ability to conceive and give birth to a child,” the lawyer added, “It is further averred that the current law relating to the registration of births and deaths is no longer compatible with the changes in society, the evolvement of freedom of expression and gender equality and the protection of an individual’s rights to identify as a particular gender.” The legal battle continues


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