Gay minister kisses husband to defy the trolls


A gay minister has hit back at trolls who told him to kill himself. He posted a photo of himself kissing his spouse and stated that there was nothing for him to hide or to be ashamed of. Reverend Wyn Thomas, the minister at Llwynrhydowen Unitarian Chapel in south-west Wales, revealed in the Facebook post published on September 30 that he and his congregants had received horrific anti-gay abuse, in part he was told that people who supported him were ‘a church of sodomites’ with a ‘special place in hell’. But he told them that it is not for them to decide who goes to hell or not, and telling [people whom to love and whom to be with is not their duty as well. They can have their opinions about who he is if they want, but it does not mean that he is going to change in correspondence with these opinions.He urged people to take on trolls, saying: “I don’t want to give them the attention they seek, but on the other hand it’s vital that young people in Wales and beyond realize that it’s a minority of people that hate not just LGBT people but anyone who is different.”


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