Lesbians accused of witchcraft in Cameroon


Lesbians in Cameroon have spoken out about being chained up, tortured and subjected to group rape in order to ‘cure’ their lesbianism. When she was 14, Viviane — who was then living in the capital, Yaounde, realized that she liked girls and thought that she was subjected to black magic, she prayed to get rid of it but it did not work. Viviane said her brothers and aunt forced her to see their village’s local ‘witch doctor,’ who made her drink chicken blood and shoved a hot pepper up her anus saying it would make her ‘clean’. Her family then tried to ‘save the family name’ by marrying her off to a church pastor who brutally tortured and raped her. The young woman herself was not allowed to make any decisions about her future. She could not apply to the police because her husband had a status similar to God, accusing him of rape would bring shame on her rather than on him.


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