The founder of the National Front in France faces trial for homophobia


Jean-Marie Le Pen, the father of the former French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and the founder of the far-right National Front, is reportedly going to face trial for homophobic remarks he used to make against the husband of the policeman who was killed in a terrorist attack in Paris last year.“I think this family trait should have been kept away from such a ceremony which would have benefited from more discretion,” Le Pen wrote by then, accusing the grieving widower of attempts to institutionalize same-sex marriages. It has been reported that Le Pen is not going to be present at the trial personally because the health condition of the 90-year-old politician is too weak and he requires constant medical care. Monsieur Le Pen is going to face at least three accusations of homophobia, he has also been caught using anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim and racist rants in public.


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