Alison Moyet says she is not transphobic


As we reported earlier today, singer Alison Moyet came under fire as she signed a letter stating that Stonewall’s work on trans issues is “undermining women’s sex-based rights and protections” and accused the charity of “demonising as transphobic those who wish to discuss, or dissent from, Stonewall’s transgender policies.” But now the singer says that the content of this letter did not reflect her actual views of transgender community and the rights of transgender women. “I was asked to sign a letter to Stonewall that sought an open debate about Trans issues and women issues, specifically concerning women’s spaces and perceived loss of agency,” she said. She was not deliberately misled, but she did not read the letter attentively enough to understand that its creators were against transgender women. “I am pro-diversity in education and believe children should reach their majority without pressure to conform, and are neither met with a readiness to fix them on a path that may undulate, as paths often do. I understand seeking debate can be regarded as phobic but dispel that as an unsound conclusion. I will continue to support trans rights whilst personally seeking to better understand the nuances of the issues,” Moyet concluded.


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