10% of mature gay men have sex with women


One in 10 middle-aged men identifying as gay had had a sexual intercourse with a woman in the past three months, and three quarters of all the respondents (they all call themselves gay) have never had sex with men at all. The study, conducted by professors at the Technical University of Munich and published in this month’s Sexual Medicine journal, is the flip side of a piece of research released earlier this year which found that vice versa, men who call themselves heterosexual used to have sexual experience with other men, and some of them agreed to do it repeatedly. In the study’s report, the authors concluded that a significant number of middle-aged German gay men have not come out, writing: “A considerable proportion of homosexual identified men live a heterosexual life.” But many of them do it against their will – they are in closet, they are forcefully married or involved in romantic relationships with women they are not attracted to just because they want to hide their true identity from others and from themselves, which harm,s their health physically and mentally.


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