CIA revealed that Hitler had had ‘homosexual streak’


The 70-page report was compiled in 1942 and was sent from Dr Henry Field, a top aide for US President Franklin D Roosevelt to Major John McDonough. The declassified file marked “top secret” were compiled by the Office of Strategic Services, an intelligence agency of the US during World War II. The secrecy of this document was the main priority, and it was marked repeatedly. It was stated that from the political point of view Hitler had never had a stable opinion and his views deviated. But moreover, his views on sexuality were not clearly defined as well, even for himself, he doubted whether he was gay or straight and questioned whether he could be both. he document also claims Hitler had a sexual attraction to his fellow Nazi leader Rudolf Hess, his deputy Fuhrer, who was captured in 1941 and who was known for appearing in public wearing female clothes. “During [Hitler’s imprisonment] this period of isolation and sexual privation an affinity with Hess began to crystallize which to my mind might have possibly bordered on the sexual,” the document reads.


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