Gay duet on The Voice made Kelly Clarkson cry


Kelly Clarkson tried to fight back tears after listening to the performance of OneUp, a gay mixed-race couple, auditioning for The Voice. The pair chose The Spinners’ “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love” for the performance. This song is very symbolic for them because they were united as a singing duo and when their voices were connected, they began to feel that their hearts are connected too – a common song once brought them love. Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson could not hide emotions hearing this story. “It’s going to sound super cheesy and I’ll try not to cry because I’m that girl, but…” Clarkson said, and the end of her sentence drowned in tears, just because she is ‘that girl’ and there is nothing wrong with it – being sensitive is okay, having a heart made of stone is not.


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