Mail on Sunday is criticized for outing trans soldiers


The Mail on Sunday has received criticism for publishing an article naming two transgender soldiers serving in the army of a foreign country – Germany. The article, published on October 7, included names and pictures of the two soldiers before and after transitioning. According to the same article there was one more person who is currently waiting for the gender reassignment surgery, but the name of this person was not revealed.British Army Captain Hannah Graf (née Winterbourne), who is a transgender woman herself, wrote on Twitter: “It is not appropriate to out people. It is simply salacious headlines, as well as having inaccurate information in there. There is nothing newsworthy here.” She called this article an act of irresponsibility, because there is nothing unusual in that fact that there are many soldiers in German army and some of them are trans.Some hide it, others do not, but it is their private life and their personal deal, not a headline for a newspaper article.


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