The referendum against gay marriage in Romania is branded invalid

Members of "The Coalition for the Family" symbolically sign up on a paper roll as they finish to transport boxes conatining over 3,000,000 signatures to the Romanian Senate at the Romanian Parliament building in Bucharest on May 23, 2016. Several NGOs filed on Monday a proposition for the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages, supported, in their view, by three million signatures. / AFP / DANIEL MIHAILESCU (Photo credit should read DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP/Getty Images)

A referendum in Romania that sought to impose a constitutional narrowing of the definition of the concept of marriage to the monogamous heterosexual union was invalidated because the amount of votes was too low to enact this initiative. The was 20.41 percent, much lower than the 30 percent needed for the results of the referendum to be taken into consideration. The referendum, estimated to cost around $40 million, was approved last month by a 107-13 majority of the country’s senators after a petition calling for the vote was signed by three million people. The general amount of voters was slightly higher (3.75 million), which was not enough considering the general population off this country. But proponents of the referendum did not see the result as a defeat. “Next time, we’ll succeed,” Coalition for Family spokesman Mihai Gheorghiu said in a statement quoted in the Associated Press. He added: “Let’s be happy for this day. The Christian vote exists.”


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