Samira Wiley was outed by OITNB co-star


Samira Wiley has revealed she was left in tears when she was outed in the media by another cast member of the prison-themed TV series, even though her character Poussey was a lesbian too, Samira herself was in closet when she entered the show. But as one of her colleagues gave an interview, they outed her. And Wiley saw her name printed next to a word ‘lesbian’ in a tabloid. She could do nothing but cry, cry a lot. “I tried to get it taken down. Look, I had a journey, I was not always a super open-hearted gay gay-mo! That’s something that somebody took from me, you know? You should be able to come out on your own terms, so that was probably a little deeper,” said Samira. But later she started liking her character in the series and that fact she (Poussey) was a lesbian. As she liked to play a lesbian, she started to like to BE a lesbian too, especially after she met her now-wife Lauren.


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