Three people injured after a shooting outside gay bar in Texas


An argument at a taco truck outside the Pegasus nightclub in San Antonio escalated after a man reportedly started a row with another man using a racist rant and then that man who was offended tried to drive away while shooting the gun, which led to 3 people being wounded. The man who verbally assaulted the shooter was not one of the injured, according to the reports from the San Antonio police. The manager of Pegasus, Mike Rodriguez, told News 4 that after the verbal quarrel two men started pushing and shoving one another.The security tried to separate them from each other, so the man offended with a slur was kicked outside to come back later with a gun. “They called me to the front and I came to the front and I told all the customers, everybody, to get inside, and started pushing people inside,” the manager added, “We got mostly everybody cleared out of our outside area and I guess he got in his car, drove around the block behind us and came down this road and open-fired at the gate.” The shooter was not identified and no arrests have been made so far.


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