Amazon agrees to donate money to pro-gay cure therapy’ church


Amazon is set to donate charitable proceeds to a church which supports so-called ‘conversion therapy’ and encouraged their congregation to these practices if they are LGBT or know someone who is. Daniel Olukoya, who founded the Nigerian denomination in 1989, has written multiple books including prayers which seek to ‘free’ followers who are “caught in the bondage” of “homosexuality” and “lesbianism,” which, to their minds, are sexual perversions, such as bestiality, incest or pedophilia, if not worse. One of the denomination’s more than 90 branches in Britain has now been accepted onto Amazon’s charitable program, according to The Times. The spokesperson on Amazon’s behalf stated that they believe discrimination to be unacceptable, but they are still going to support the church because its officials denied being discriminatory against anyone and urging people to ‘gay cure therapy’.


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