‘Queer kiss-in’ protest staged outside London letting agencies with homophobic reputation


LGBT+ charities and activists staged a “kiss-in” protest outside a London letting agency which allegedly denied a lesbian couple that wanted to land a room, and it is believed that their sexuality was the key factor for the landlord who rejected them. They also claim that the couple received no further contact from the agency to help them with finding another accommodation, and as the support groups tried to contact the letting agency for explanation, their emails were ignored. When the situation attracted attention from media,, the agency responded that they were not homophobic and the landlord was misunderstood – he denied the women not because they were lesbians but because there were two of them, and he was unable to accommodate more than one person. But the protesters don’t believe it, the agency denied their attempts to stop protests with pouring water on participants, but there are dozens of witnesses who could confirm that it happened.


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