Australia’s PM Scott Morrison backtracks his claims that discrimination against gay students should be allowed


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has backtracked on comments he made about a potential new law which would permit faith schools of the country to ban gay students from entry and to teach that homosexuality is bad. Morrison initially responded to the controversy by saying that schools should be run in line with the religions they preach. Now he says that he accepts all the criticism and agrees with most of those who called him out for his views because he also does not believe it to be right for schools to reject students because of their sexuality. Responding to the controversy, Morrison said that the report was focused on protecting the right to religious freedom, but it does not mean disapproving or disrespecting the rights of other people, in part LGBT students. The full report—compiled by former Labor attorney general Philip Ruddock—has not yet been made public, and despite calls to publish it in advance of a byelection later this month, Morrison has said that the government plans to “deal with this by the end of the year.”


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