Mexican gay men’s chorus ‘singled out’ during security check in the USA


The Mexican Gay Men’s chorus were detained by the USA home security service in Texas, which left them saddened and deeply shocked. The group were on the way to LA, where they were supposed to perform. But as they were going through customs at William P Hobby Airport in Houston, something went wrong. The group first started to experience issues with getting into the US when one of their group, a university professor Jorge Gutierrez, was pulled aside because a man with the same name has recently been accused of hijacking a vehicle, according to Los Angeles Times. When Jorge told them he was actually a performer and his colleagues confirmed it, showing their notebooks with music and telling the security officers about the upcoming concerts, they understood that Gutierrez was not a thief, but instead of it they started accusing the group of being illegally paid performers, though their visas read that they were tourists. A Homeland Security officer then called Jonathan Weedman, the executive director of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, to find out if the group were being paid for their concert and they were allowed to go through.


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