Most Catholics want their church to treat LGBT people better

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Research carried out by YouGov for the Equal Future 2018 Campaign surveyed a total of 9,606 people in the world’s largest Catholic countries—Brazil, Columbia, France, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Spain, and the US about their attitude to LGBT Catholics and the way they should be treated by churches. The results showed that most Catholics are rather LGBT-accepting and they expect some positive changes in their churches moving in this direction. More than half (63 percent) of practicing Catholic agreed with the statement “the Catholic Church should reconsider its current teachings on LGBT issues to help support the mental health and well-being of children and young people”. Among those who call themselves Catholics only formally (meaning they were baptized in Catholic churches but now they cannot say that they are practicing this religion) the percentage is slightly higher – 65%. Only 15-16 percent of people in each category disagreed with the statement. Another statement, reading: “The Catholic Church’s current teaching on LGBT issues could cause a child/young person to feel that being LGBT is a misfortune or disappointment,” found 49 percent of practiсing Catholics in agreement as opposed to 26 percent who disagreed. Baptized Catholics and the general population was more likely to agree with the statement (56 percent and 53 percent respectively).


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