Teen is reported to have been stabbed to death for looking gay in Iraq


The shocking clip shows men hurling homophobic taunts at the bleeding figure as he lies on the ground, crying and calling for his mother. The contest of the video is yet to be verified, the victim was identified in local press as 15-year-old Hamoudi al-Mutairi and it was also reported in the media that a group of thugs stabbed him several times because they believed the boy to be gay, and in a strict Muslim country like Iraq homosexuality is illegal and socially disapproved. The unseen person filming the video can be heard mockingly ask the victim a series of questions about himself, including “Who is your boyfriend?” The Arabic-language Iraq Press Agency cast doubt on the victim’s identity, citing an anonymous Iraqi security service source who denied Mutairi was the teen in the video.However, images taken from Mutairi’s social media accounts allowed to make a conclusion that it was him.The killing sparked outrage on social media, with the name of the alleged victim trending on Twitter.


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