City in Poland held LGBT Pride regardless of protests


The Polish city of Lublin held its first ever Pride parade on 13 October even though it was threatened to be halted by the opponents of LGBT. It is estimated that around 1500 people marched for equality on Saturday. In comparison, it has been reported that about 200 individuals showed up to create an obstacle for marchants by throwing bottles, stones and bricks at them. The anti-LGBT campaigners were also said to have launched lit flares into crowds of people, also trying to physically block them from moving forward. It took less than an hour for police to get involved and they began trying to ban the homophobic demonstrators but sadly, they refused to move. In several attempts to get them away from the marchers, officers were forced to use tear gas and water cannons. Several people were arrested for threatening the public safety. It has been stated that two officers were left injured after they were assaulted by members of the rowdy gang.


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