Scott Morrison is to amend the law not to let gay students be banned


In a new statement released October 13, following a letter sent to Prime Minister Scott Morrison by opposition leader Bill Shorten, the government announced it would reassess the Sex Discrimination Act erasing all the points which can be interpreted as a legal permission to discriminate against students of faith schools on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity or to ban them from entering the schools on the same basis. “I will be taking action to ensure amendments are introduced as soon as practicable to make it clear that no student of a non-state school should be expelled on the basis of their sexuality,” said the PM, who has also recently clarified that his previous claims about the necessity of religious freedom were misunderstood, he did not mean a right to discriminate against LGBT students, because when you need to attack someone else’s freedom to get your own, it is not a freedom, it is abuse, and abuse cannot be tolerated.


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