Television reporter Luis Sandoval came out on live TV


Television presenter Luis Sandoval made the decision to come out as gay whilst appearing on Univision’s morning television show Despierta America, marking the National Coming out Day. Sandoval says that he is a full personality, he found a total harmony with himself and he is very happy about who he is in every aspect, including sexuality. He cried because of being too emotional, because even though he had never been in closet for his nearest and dearest, this is the first time he talks about himself as a gay man for mass public, and it requires a lot of emotional effort to say it. He revealed that he is in happy relationships with a man, he loves and he is loved. Talking with co-hosts Karla Martinez and Ismael Cala, Sandoval said his mother Leonila Vallejo had been an inspiration to him and that her support helped him come to terms with his sexuality. Having previously told her about the decision to come out on live TV, he said that she supported him and swore to be there for him no matter what.


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