LGBT rights activist was subjected to homophobic attack in France


Guillaume Melanie is the president of gay rights organisation, Urgence Homophobie, which is focused on helping the victims of anti-LGBT hate crimes worldwide. Melanie said that he was attacked as he was leaving a restaurant with some of his fellow campaigners. “Homophobic attack outside a restaurant. Nose broken. Shocked. Blood everywhere. I’m homosexual and this is 2018,” he wrote in Twitter alongside a picture of his blood-covered face. Melanie said that he and his friends were “somewhat obstructing” the way on the street when a man pushed them violently. When Melanie asked the man to “go easy,” a man who was with the aggressor chanted a slur at him and told him he should have died. Melanie said that it was then that the man punched him hard in the face leaving it bruised and it took a few seconds for him to realize that he had his nose broken.


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