New Zealand to remove cap on gender reassignment surgery


New Zealand is planning on removing restrictions to the number of gender confirmation surgeries that could possibly be performed within a year. The country currently limits the number of publicly-funded gender confirmation surgeries to three male-to-female and one female-to-male operations every two years. A decision to change the policy was taken in summer to define the minimum of the surgeries performed yearly, getting rid of the maximum limit. According to data quoted in the Newsroom article, there are currently 105 people on the waiting list for gender confirmation surgery—79 trans women and 26 trans men, and this number is increasing. It is estimated that around 1 percent of the 4.7 million people living in New Zealand identified as trans but the majority of them could not undergo the gender reassignment surgery because of problems with healthcare system. The public healthcare system remains unable to provide female-to-male surgeries in the country, with trans men needing to travel overseas for the operation.


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