Elderly trans woman gained an ovation talking about social rejection on TV


The 65-year-old Question Time audience member spoke as the panel was discussing proposed reforms to gender recognition laws in the UK on the BBC show, aired the day before the debates concerning this issue were closed. The woman said that she understood her true identity from the earliest age, but pother people did not, so they rejected her, which led to a longtime depression. Due to social rejection, the woman could start her transition only reaching the age of 55. Until then she did not even know it was possible – unawareness and the lack of the information about transgender issues were to blame. “It’s only ten years ago that I started to take hormones to resolve this issue, and now I’m actually being me,” she said. Explaining the need for change to gender recognition laws, she said: “The problem with the Gender Recognition Certificate is I’m still having to ask someone else permission to be myself. It’s a panel of people that I don’t have a chance to see, because it’s all done via forms. I have to pay £140 in order to be me.”


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