Trans man says he found courage to transition thanking to Prince Charles


A young transgender man has thanked Prince Charles and youth awards program The Duke of Edinburgh Challenge for inspiring him to accept and embrace his true self and to take some steps to become the personality he always wanted to be. In an exclusive interview with The Mirror, Luke Levine paid tribute to the
son of the Queen, saying that only thanking to Charles he could survive when he was 14 and when he began to realize that he was not a girl everybody told him he was. During his talk with the publication, Levine went on to detail how exercising and getting physically fit in preparation for the activities the challenge would throw at him had a positive effect on his emotional wellbeing, he changed from outside and began to realize that he wanted to change from inside as well. Founded by Prince Charles’ father, Prince Philip in 1965, The Duke of Edinburgh Award sees students all across the United Kingdom carry out a series of self-improvement exercises based on Kurt Hahn’s solution to the ‘Six Declines of Modern Youth’. Thanking to this program Luke started to attend the gym, where he could relax and distress, which led to a total harmony with who he was in the end


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