Kim Kardashian would prefer to see her stepparent cheating on her mom rather than cross-dressing


The reality star claimed that if she had a choice she would prefer not to know that the person whom she called her stepdad Bruce – Kim still deadnames and miisgenders Jenner- was (and is) actually a transgender woman named Caitlyn. “It was Bruce but dressed up as a woman, in the garage at my mum’s house, and I ran in, packed a bag so fast, shaking, and ran out and called Kourtney, and said: ‘I have to come spend the weekend with you.’’. I was hysterically crying, and she was like: ‘What is it, did you catch Bruce cheating? And I was like: ‘I wish, I don’t know what I just saw. I ran out, didn’t come home for the weekend,” said Kim. She added that she was not a child already, she was a woman in her 20s, but this incident left her shocked, because she had never seen ‘even a drop of’ a woman in her then-stepparent.


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