Republicans are 13 times less LGBT-friendly than Democrats


Only 32 Republican candidates in the midterm elections have responded to a survey about their LGBT+ beliefs and only a half of them (approximately) stated that these believes are positive. In contrast, the survey, conducted by LGBT+ rights group GLAAD, received 240 responses from Democrats running for Congress, governor or lieutenant governor, and only 1% of those people refused to be labeled as an LGBT ally. This means that the Democrats have 13 times as many openly LGBT-friendly candidates as the Republicans ahead of the midterm elections that are going to be held in the country next week. More than 1,100 candidates were asked about whether they would feel comfortable if there was an LGBTQ person at their place of worship, in their family, acting as their doctor or working as their child’s teacher. They were also questioned about how they would feel if they saw an LGBTQ coworker’s wedding picture or a same-sex couple holding hands, or if their child was taught about LGBTQ history in school. If the politicians answered that they were comfortable with all these situations, then this person is stated as an ally.


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