Russian activists raise money to join LGBT Family Conference


A group of activists in Russia is looking to raise €12,000 to hold an annual conference for same-sex families. The LGBTQIA Family Conference, now in its fifth year, is due to take place in Moscow for three days starting November 9. Last year, the event gathered around 400 participants and more than 30 qualified speakers from different fields of science were given a word, providing advice about how to support the rainbow community in Russia better. This year, the conference’s main theme is “The value of family and partnership. Ethics and politics,” focusing on those “traditional family values” that the Russian government promotes relying on the Orthodox doctrine. It is not illegal to be same-sex parents in Russia, but these parents are not supported by the state and highly condemned by society. Besides the crowdfunding page, the organizers have also set up fundraising events in Russia, like a charity concert that gathered €150 donations. Part of the money collected will also fund the publication of a book including a summary from the conference’s seminars, so that knowledge can be preserved and accessed by a wider audience—but the main concern is about ensuring safety for all participants.


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