Straight Pride flag waving in Canada was taken down the following day


A Canadian village, with a population of about 1,200 people, has taken down a straight pride flag after just one day because of the negative reaction from the public. The Village of Chipman in Queens County, New Brunswick, put up the flag beside a main road on October 21st in respond to the LGBT Pride flag being waved by the council to mark the Pride month in June. But seeing the negative feedback from the citizens the mayor decided to remove the straight flag. “Public response has included personal threats and attacks against members of Council and cyberbullying,” the statement reads, noting that the community is accepting and welcoming for everyone, regardless of sexuality, and this is what they wanted to mark with the rainbow flag in June and with the black-and-white flag this month, but seeing people’s reaction they realized that the straight pride flag divided people instead of uniting them.


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