Sacha Baron Cohen donated money to Roy Moore’s foundation for the interview security


It has been rumored that the comedian known for the image of Borat has donated $200 to an anti-LGBT group run by the wife of disgraced Alabama politician Roy Moore to secure a TV interview he had once given. Moore is known for extremely homophobic views and had to leave the position of the judge because he did not want to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples when marriage equality was legally recognized in his native state of Alabama, as it went contrary to his personal beliefs. He attempted to take one of the most responsible positions in the state’s politics and claimed to have the marriage equality cancelled if he won, but fortunately for all queer Alabamans, he lost. Moore also repeatedly likened homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia in his interviews and refused to apologize for it. The Hollywood Reporter notes that a consent agreement signed ahead of Cohen’s interview, made public as a result of the court case, shows that the show’s producers agreed to make a donation to a non-profit by Moore’s choice. The show’s executive producer, Todd Schulman, confirmed in a court declaration: “Judge Moore entered into the Consent Agreement ‘in exchange for the Producer making a $200 donation to a charity chosen by the Participant and allowing an opportunity for the Participant to appear in a television series.’ On February 20, 2018, a Production Company employee made a donation of $200 using Production Company funds to the Foundation for Moral Law, Inc. on behalf of YTV.” YTV refers to Yerushalayim Television, a shell company that the Cohen set up as part of his undercover efforts, of which he was “the ultimate sole owner,” according to the documents.


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