Disney star Garret Clayton says his father struggled to accept a gay son


The former Disney star, who came out publicly and revealed his long-term relationship this summer said that his own brother did not want to have anything in common with him even on Facebook and blocked him, and as for his dad, Garrett revealed that he just hated that fact that one of his sone is gay. Garrett wanted to come out to his dad before starting to live separately, he wanted to feel connected to him, but it led to completely opposite consequences. “He just started screaming at me, and it boiled up to him screaming at me about how he hated that I was gay, and he didn’t know what to do with me. It was this horrible gut-wrenching fight right after one of my first big accomplishments,” said the actor, who still prays to be reconnected with his family one day. He understands that it might not happen, but still, he was born gay as well as he was born their brother and son, he loves them and knows that they love him too deep inside, even though there are some aspects of his personality they find hard to accept, the family love is a strong power, and as any love, it always wins.


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